Little Black Box

Little Black Box EMS IV 12P – Early Warning System Supply & Fitment

We supply and fit the Little Black Box Early Warning Water Level Detection System for Water Level Monitoring & Overheat Detection.

When you are crossing the dunes of the Namib Desert or traversing the deep sandy roads of the Kalahari, it is easy to forget the regular gauge-checks. This is when you run the risk of not noticing the changes in the vital signs of your vehicle’s engine, such as coolant temperature, water LEVEL, charge system voltage.

This is where the Little Black Box comes into play and saves your engine from unnecessary Catastrophic damage that could have been prevented . So it goes without saying that this inexpensive unit is worth its weight in Gold!

Prevention is always better than cure.

The little black box CTXM can prevent engine damage and breakdowns by providing visual warnings before damage occurs.

The Little Black Box
Beat The Heat - The Little Black Box
The Little Black Box

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